outdoor bean bag hire: What’s Inside And Why It’s Important

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Bean bags are more than just pieces of decoration. They are a great piece of furniture that provides a comfortable place to sit down, read a book, or watch television. Nowadays, they come in various shapes and sizes, making it easier to pick one that suits one’s preferences. However, one should be aware of what makes up bean bags from the inside, most notably if one is looking for an outdoor bean bag hire for their home.

A variety of materials can be used to stuff bean bags and make them very soft to sit on. However, the most common stuffing is often Styrofoam beads or spheres. Other materials used are EPS or expanded polystyrene, a hard plastic, and shredded foam pieces such as memory foam. Whatever material is used as stuffing, they don’t fill the bean bag to the brim but enough of them are placed inside in order to make the bean bag have a little bit of give whenever weight is placed on it whether or not it was obtained as an outdoor bean bag hire for outdoor or indoor use.


So what is the importance of knowing what the bean bag is filled with? Well, among bean bag stuffings, there is often a preference for Styrofoam as it is fairly cheap and still pretty soft as compared to EPS. Styrofoam is softer even when it is compact as compared to EPS. However, Styrofoam degrades more easily as compared to EPS and those who regularly use their bean bags may find that the stuffing deteriorates faster when it is made out of Styrofoam, requiring the stuffing to be replaced. Lastly, it is preferable that one uses plastic-based materials such as foam or EPS instead of untreated rice and beans in order to prevent bug infestations and the like.